"Igniting Imagination: A Winter camp Adventure for Kids at Aloobari Village"



One of the initiatives under this program this winter was the one-month winter camp for village kids during their winter school break. This camp was designed to provide a fun and educational experience for the children in the village and help them grow in various ways with a wide range of
activities aimed at promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The objective of the camp was to provide these children with an environment where they could learn, grow, and have fun while spending the winter months in a safe and nurturing environment. 

The camp was organized with a lot of activities, including guidance classes, movie sessions, art and craft, sketching and painting, music and dance, elocution, handwriting activities, village cleaning, and Swarsati Puja celebration. 

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The camp started with guidance classes, which provided thechildren with an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge. The guidance classes covered a variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, social studies, and English. The classes were taught by a team of undergrad students
from the Pragati Yodhas who used interactive methods to make learning enjoyable and engaging for the children. The children were able to grasp the concepts quickly and were very excited about the opportunity to learn new things.  

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One of the most popular activities at the winter camp was the movie sessions. The children were taken to a film projection room in the community centre where they were able to watch some of the latest films in a safe and secure environment. This was a unique experience for many of the
children, as most of them had never seen a movie in a large screen before. The children were fascinated by the big screens and the surround sound system, and they thoroughly enjoyed the films that were shown to them. The movie sessions were a great way to bring the children together and help them bond. We showed them a variety of movies, from animated films to inspiring documentaries. The kids were engrossed in the stories and laughed, cried, and learned along with
the characters .

Another popular activity at the camp was the art and craft,sketching and painting, music, and dance sessions. These activities provided the children with a platform to express themselves and explore their creative side. The children were able to make their own paintings, sculptures, and learn
musical instruments. They also had the opportunity to participate in music and dance sessions where they were able to showcase their talents and learn new skills. The children were very excited about these activities, and they were able to bond with each other as they worked on their projects together. 

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The winter camp also had an elocution sessions, where the children were able to showcase their public speaking skills. This was a great opportunity for the children to overcome their fear of public speaking and to develop their confidence. They practiced speaking in front of an audience, and
were given feedback and tips to help them improve. The children were very proud of their achievements, and this experience was a major boost to their self-esteem. 

Handwriting activities were also an integral part of the wintercamp. The children were taught how to write in a clear and legible manner, and they were also taught the importance of good handwriting. This was a critical skill for many of the children, as he handwriting activities helped the children to improve their writing skills, which will benefit them in their future studies and careers. 

One of the major highlight of this winter camp was the village cleaning activity. The children were taken on a tour of the village, and they were taught about the importance of keeping their environment clean and healthy. The children were then given the task of cleaning up the village, and they worked together to make it a cleaner and more beautiful place. This activity was a great opportunity for the children to give back to their community and create a sense of responsibility in the children. They worked together to clean up the village, picking up trash. This not only helped beautify the village, but also instilled in the children the importance of keeping their environment

The Swarsati Puja celebration was a special moment for thechildren and the entire village. The children participated in the puja, offering prayers and singing devotional songs This was a chance for them to learn about culture and traditions, and to participate in a religious ceremony that was meaningful to them. The children were very excited about the puja, and they enjoyed the experience of participating in a traditional ritual which was a beautiful way to bring thecommunity together and create a sense of unity. 

The one-month winter camp was a huge success and it washeart-warming to see the children grow and learn so much. They made new friends, developed new skills, and had a lot of fun. The feedback we received from the parents and the village was overwhelmingly positive, and many of them expressed their gratitude for the opportunities that the children had been given. 

The one-month winter camp organized the Pragati Yodhas and wasan incredible experience for the village kids. It provided them with a safe and supportive environment to learn, grow, and have fun.