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    Support the Community

    We are a small team who has come together to experiment on this and create a playbook on how we could work remotely with children in small communities. With virtual learning being so prevalent in today's world, we do believe we could make this a successful model. We need help in many ways.

    - Fund raising for the children's tuition fees

    - Fund raising for setting up the facilities of the community for remote teaching (setting up broadband, computers and setting up a small library)

    - Admin costs as we bring someone on board fulltime to program manage this initiative

    - Any other way you can contribute


    The way we envision for the model to work is to have every parent contribute 25% of the school fees into a common pool. This will ensure the families are motivated and committed towards the common success of all children. We will use the 25% pool to either supplement the program or find ways to create new employment opportunities for the village members.