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    Educate One Child at a time.

    There are 40 children in the community of 30 families. From Grade 1 to Grade 10. While in 2022, we want to focus our energies on students from Grade 9 and 10, we need your support to sponsor children from the community. This helps us create parity. The way we are envisioning this is the family pays for 25% of the fees, and we pay for the 75%. Our belief is the success of the children going to school has to be a shared success.


    The 25% from each family is put into a common kitty and would be used to build programs around Pragati for the comunity.


    You can pay for one child for one year. Pay for school fees, and the one time year starting fee for the child. Typically costs for lower grades is 1200 INR / month. Fees for higher grades could be 2000 INR / month.