"Exploring New Horizons: An Excursion trip for village children from Aloobari to Kalimpong" (My Pragati Program)



On a beautiful early morning of February , a group of 21 children(above class 6) from Aloobari village set off on an exciting journey to Kalimpong. The students, accompanied by their seniors of Pragati Yodhas , travelled by Vehicle, a traditional mode of transportation in the region. The journey was filled with excitement and joy as the students chatted and laughed with each other, eager to explore the new place.

Upon arrival, the students visited Delo Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kalimpong. The park offered a breath taking view of the surrounding hills and valleys, and the kids were awed by the beauty of nature. They roamed around, playing games and taking in the scenery.

Next in the plan our vist was to the Science Centre where we thought we could do hands on activity, but to our surprise we were upset by its closing due to some of their own reasons. Upsetting it was but not the end of the trip, we were still aligned to the rest of the vists, so next, the group visited the Hanuman Park Temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. The students were fascinated by the statue monument of Lord Hanuman on top of the hill and they made their personal prayers.

Soon lunch was served at the nearest restaurant to the Buddha View Monestary. After a delicious lunch, the students visited the Lepcha Community School, Pudung Farm and a bird sanctuary located in the heart of Kalimpong.

In the afternoon, the visit to Pudung Farm was a wonderful one , where they had the opportunity to see and learn about different types of birds. They were amazed by the colorful and exotic birds and were fascinated by the way they moved and sang.The kids were delighted to see a variety of bird
species , including guineafowl , Emu, and Turkeys, Yellow Golden Pheasant and many more, they learned about the different species and their habitats.

The highlight of the day was the ride on ATVs (All-TerrainVehicles). The kids had a thrilling time riding the ATVs through the rugged terrain of the farm. It was an experience they would never forget, and they all left the farm with big smiles on their faces.

The excursion was a fun-filled and educational adventure for the Aloobari village kids. They gained new knowledge about the local culture, wildlife, and environment, and had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful hill town of Kalimpong. This experience will stay with them for a long time,
and will inspire them to continue learning about the world around them. It was a day filled with adventure, laughter, and memories that they would cherish forever.



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