• Contribute with Capital

    We are raising 10L INR for the first year. We will share accounts of all expenses to all donors. We plan to use the funds for the following:

    • Tuition fees for 1 child for 1 year (1200 INR / per month for lower grades or 2000 INR for Grade 7 and above)
    • One time fees for school tuition (typically 12000 INR per child)
    • Stationary (school books, pencil, miscellaneous)
    • Operating costs (monthly broadband, and 1 person salary dedicated to the project)
    Besides this, you could pay in kind:
    • Computers for the community center
    • Stationary (books / pencils / school supplies)
  • Volunteer with us

    We need a lot of help as we launch this project. Fill up the form and tell us about yourself.
    Areas where you can help:
    1. Help us raise sponsorship to run the program
    2. Help us connect to mentors who might be interested in teaching
    3. Help with operations