Our Journey so far.


Time flies really quickly. It feels like it was yesterday that we started off with the program and now it has been almost 5 months today, since we launched MyPragati. On our journey till now we had our fair share of success with the program. We wanted to share our learning and progress here with you


We started on 1st July 2022. Nicholas came on board as the program manager for MyPragati. Initially we only had one man on the field, connecting to the people at the village and understanding the situation on ground. Gradually with the help of village members hand in hand, we head on to collect
data on each family.

On the month of July, we surveyed all the homes, collected all the data ensuring that we were not creating interventions randomly. What the data showed us:

- Total number of families: 65

- Total number of people- 271

- Average income range 4000 to 21000.

(Majority earning 4000 to 12000)

- Total number of working people 99

- 45% of them are below age of 30 of which close to 35% isbelow 25.


August 2022: August came soon and our primary focus was to set up school tuition for the children, therefore, we appointed two local teachers to come every day for 18 students from Grade 1 - 8. Today we also have kids from other villages now part of for this. Some kids walk a further 20mins to walk to the community centre.

We setup Pragati Yodhas (which is a community led volunteer group ) that helps with ensuring information is shared with everyone, and there is tracking on progress.


September 2022: On September we setup broadband in the community centre. We also installed computers for the children to access and set up a projection room. We are now having zoom classes for Grade 9-12 and under grad students ,where we are bringing in volunteers from outside to teach the kids. Today
we have Maths / English / Economics/ Accounts and Business studies classes setup.


October 2022: October was the month of festivals and joy and we did sure take part in sharing happiness through distributing gifts with the children here at the village.

-This month the community started candle making as an activity. We are hoping to build this as a source of income for families, especially prioritising women of the village.

- Started work for setting up the library.

- Insurance covered for all members of the community.

- Setup zoom sessions for counselling and guidance for the graduates of the village on future work prospects.


November 2022: On November, we completed with the library setup, and soon will have the books installed for the children to access.

We also started a travel company, “YodaTreks” which will offer treks and birding trips. This company is setup to introduce micro entrepreneurship and will be run by the community itself. Proceeds of the profits of YodaTreks will go into sustaining MyPragati.

Today we have 2 teachers who teach offline, 1 community manager, 1 President of Pragati Yodhas, and 3 volunteers who are taking online classes on zoom. From day zero till date this has been our progress, we have more to do and brick by brick we will continue to build the bridge that will open doors for the children and the community to endless possiblities.

Check YodaTreks at www.yodatreks.com