Getting Started! Month 1 (July 2022)

Setting the foundation

As we kickstart the project, our first month goal was to visit the village, meet the children, understand them and then create the plan for execution.

Pintso, Karma and Nicholas visited the village where they met with the adults in the village. The village is accessible by a walk of about 20 minutes from the main road. The road itself is fairly narrow with no driving access. Sandeep, our on ground volunteer at Bora Busty had organised for the adults to come to the community hall. The adults were very excited and relieved that there would be support for the kids - and even with an initial conversation, we realised that the children needed help in Math and Science.

This month the plan is to ensure the infrastructure is setup. A survey of the area showed that the community hall could be used for group teaching. However the hall lacks the basic infra for this - the decision is now to build removable partitions, get the electrical wiring and setup the computers. This setup would require electrical wiring, a backup generator and braodband to be setup. While this is being setup, the team is now working to get teachers as volunteers setup.

Looks like small steps, but every step matters.