A Village. A Guide. The Story.

People behind the story

Sanjeev Rai is a Trek Guide and Climber. Committed, responsible and a warm personality - I use these words as when you talk to him, he reflects someone who has the willingness to make the best of what life makes available to him. The highlight of his outdoor adventure - 5 mountains of 6000m in 11 days! Absolutely loyal to WhiteMagic Adventure - a company that he proudly talks about and credits for the opportunities he has today in the outdoor space.

Sanjeev's dad was in the army with a job that took him to different cities. Sanjeev and his brother moved to Darjeeling along with their mom where they got access to private school education. However they moved back to the village in their early years. As a young boy, he heard stories of the mountains from the trekkers from his village. The region saw a huge influx of foreign tourists and Sanjeev did his first outdoor trip in 2001 as an assistant cook. After completing his graduation and trying to work at a call center, Sanjeev took a job with an outdoor company in 2008 as a guide, where he worked for 8 years and then joined White Magic. First climbing trip was in 2016 to Stok Kangri, in Leh. He climbs, treks and is one of the best in the field. He climbed 5 peaks of 6000 mts in 11 day - a testimony of the mastery over the field and the ability to pursue his passion with consistency! He has a way of not talking about his achievements till you dont dig deeper - he remains a warm, passionte guy who is absolutely committed to being part of this team and making Pragati a success model.

Now another icing - Sanjeev is an absolutely brilliant photograhper. He does not understand the social game well and had not uploaded many pics on instagram. You can see some of the clicks on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sanjivs_photography/)